Current Students | Methodist College - Peoria, Illinois

Current Students

At Methodist College, we strive to create an educational environment that supports our students in their efforts to achieve their educational goals.  As stated in our institutional mission  we "provide quality educational programs that promote the holistic development of a diverse student population to become healthcare professionals. The college is also committed to civic engagement, community service to meet the healthcare needs of the diverse population it serves."

Our students have access to a variety of resources during their time at Methodist College:

  • The Office of Access, Support, and Inclusion Services - Counseling, wellness and disability services.
  • Center for Student Success - Tutoring services are offered through professional and peer tutors. In 2018, the CSS initiated an online tutoring program.
  • Testing Center - Services offered include ADA accommodated exams, make-up testing, and CNA testing.
  • Student Organizations - Students can get involved through the Student Government Association, the Student Nurses' Association, and the Multicultural Student Association.
  • Student Life - The Office of the Director of Student Affairs organizes a variety of activities throughout the year including the Olliepalooza cookouts, volunteer opportunities fair, and other social events.
  • Fitness and Recreation Center - Students can take care of their physical wellness through access to these on-campus facilities and individualized fitness programming. Access is available during times the campus is open.
  • Career Services - The Office of the Director of Student Affairs coordinates resume writing and career planning workshops and one-on-one sessions throughout the year.
  • Ollie's Pantry - A service for students that provides food, toiletries, and other necessities for those times of need - no questions asked.