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Our Culture

Every team member takes shared ownership of Methodist College's set of core values:

  • Human Dignity: Unconditional respect for the inherent worth, uniqueness, and autonomy of individuals. 
  • Integrity: Displaying strong moral character and acting in accordance with accepted standards of behavior and an appropriate code of ethics.
  • Inquiry: An active process of exploration and investigation that leads to understanding and construction of knowledge throughout one's life.
  • Social Justice: Acting in accordance with fair treatment regardless of gender, economic status, race, religion, ethnicity, age, citizenship, disability, or sexual orientation.

By living out these values, the people of Methodist College champion a work culture of mutual respect, receptivity to new ideas, assertive helpfulness, and other characteristics that promote successful, satisfying job performance. Reflecting an emphasis on putting others' needs first, our work culture also serves to facilitate a college-wide goal: a student-centered college.