Reporting Options

Reporting Options

Methodist College Report

Consider reporting the incident. Reporting can aid your recovery and prevent future incidents.
A College report can be made by:

You may contact the Title IX Coordinator at:

Karli Johnson, Student Wellness Coordinator

You may bring a support person, such as a counselor, advocate, friend, or parent to assist you with the process of filing a complaint.  

The following campus and community resources are available at no cost to provide confidential support to you throughout the process.

Center for Prevention of Abuse
(800) 559-7233

Crisis and/or Suicide Hotline
(855) 837-4673

Emergency Response Services
(309) 671-8084

Please know that Methodist College faculty and staff are required to report incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and/or stalking to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator.

What happens next?
Individuals who report an incident will receive an email from the Title IX Coordinator containing the information on the "Rights and Options After Filing a Complaint Under the College's Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment and Grievance Procedure".   

The reporter may be asked to meet with the Title IX Coordinator to review the information and to solicit participation in the college investigation.  

Confidential Report

Even if you are not sure if you want to file a criminal or College report, consider making a confidential report. Talking with someone can aid in your recovery.  The following confidential advisors are available to assist you and will not further disclose the information you provide, unless otherwise required to do so by law (e.g., if the victim is a minor):

Center for Prevention of Abuse

720 W. Joan Court
Peoria, IL 61614
(800) 559-7233

Anonymous Report

If you have an emergency, please call 911.

The College encourages victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault/misconduct, dating/domestic violence, and stalking to talk to someone to ensure their health and well being.  

Though anonymous reports will be accepted by the College, it is often difficult to gather facts and conduct a thorough investigation following an anonymous report.