Methodist College | Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision, Values, and Institutional Goals


Methodist College is committed to educating and preparing future health and human services professionals for careers that meet community and regional healthcare industry needs.


Methodist College will deliver quality transformational experiences that enable future healthcare leaders to enhance and contribute to positive health outcomes for our community.


Healthcare professionals are guided by strong core values. At Methodist College, faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to our values.

Human Dignity - Unconditional respect for the inherent worth, uniqueness, and autonomy of individuals.

Integrity - Displaying strong moral character and acting in accordance with accepted standards of behavior and an appropriate code of ethics.

Inquiry - An active process of exploration and investigation that leads to understanding and construction of knowledge throughout one's life.

Social Justice - Acting in accordance with fair treatment regardless of gender, economic status, race, religion, ethnicity, age, citizenship, disability, or sexual orientation.

Methodist College Diversity Statement:  

Methodist College is an institution that embraces a diverse community committed to the equity of all dimensions and demographics. We strive to produce an environment of safety, comfort, respect, and civility to promote personal and professional growth, as well as cultural awareness.

Institutional Goals

The faculty and staff of Methodist College are dedicated to achieving the following goals:
  • Provide rigorous academic experiential learning opportunities required of healthcare
  • industry professionals.
  • Support a positive, student-centered learning environment.
  • Foster quality instruction and innovative programs.
  • Offer quality student support services and programs.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse qualified workforce.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and accountability.
  • Provide resources to support institutional mission.
  • Recruit and retain a qualified, diverse student body.
  • Cultivate collaborative community relationships to support the mission and vision of the college.

Carle Health Values

Methodist College is affiliated with Carle Health, and we seek to demonstrate the organization's values:

Excellence: We're committed to being the very best in all we do.

Integrity: We're grateful for the trust placed in us by those we serve, and we always strive to do the right thing.

We welcome, respect and value every individual.

Compassion: We seek to understand and empathize with others.

Accountability: We take ownership of everything we do in a way people can count on.

Carle Health DEI Commitment

Methodist College is proud to be part of an organization that supports diversity and inclusion.

Carle Health is committed to being an inclusive space for our team members, patients, health plan members and communities. Building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment lays the foundation for trusted partnerships and the delivery of high-quality care for everyone we serve.